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Nanjing Elite International Ltd. is a professional sports goods supplier, distributor, and import/export company. Our customers are secured in knowledge that our company is fully integrated into all stages of the manufacturing process.

  • Efficient sourcing
  • Professional R&d
  • Reasonable price with good value
  • Fast turnover production
  • All stage quality assurance
  • Comprehensive logistic support
*Your team and office in China*

About Elite

  • 1999 Business Startup and Grand Opening
  • 2000 Shipped 200,000 balls and the feedback was excellent;
  • 2001 Became Mitre’s key supplier in Mainland China;
  • 2002 Expanded and shipped over 700,000 superior quality inflatable balls
  • 2005 Became Umbro’s official football supplier; Received FIFA certification
  • 2006 Record production of FIFA Approved inflatable balls
  • 2007 Expanded customer base with personalized customer brands
  • 2008 Innovative production processing of professional match-ball manufacturing;
  • 2011 Record Year in International Business and Production
  • 2012 Expanding International marketing and distribution systems

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TEL: +86-25-51860218
FAX: +86-25-51860211
11F, Huijie Plaza, No.268
Zhongshan Rd,
Nanjing, 210008, China


  • Tom: Thank you for a wonderful time in China.
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